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Healing The Broken Through Health And Resiliencecy


From the beginning of our careers, first responders are taught how to stop bleeding, perform an arrest, put out house fires, cut up cars, among a myriad of other tasks. What we are not taught, is how to process and cope with all of the traumatic events we are exposed to; as well as physical and emotional toll that the job puts on provider's. We are reaching pandemic level of suicides and substance abuse issues with 911 responders, from dispatchers to fire, police, ems and ER nurses. We are losing our brothers and sisters at an alarming rate, now is the time for action. Emergency service workers are 3 times more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. The change begins with us! 

The 911 Buddy Check Project is the Mental Health Revolution. We help providers climb and conquer the four mountains: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. We provide Life, spiritual and health coaching, substance abuse coaching, peer support, and personal training. The 911 Buddy Check Project is providing more than just talk, we are providing solutions and healing! The 911 Buddy Check crew has over 80 years of combined military, air medical, fire, ems, and dispatching experience.