911 Buddy Check Project "Life and Death"

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merely merely merely merely, Life is but a Dream.

-The Duality of Life-

In life there is death, in death there is life.

In health there is sickness, in sickness there is health.

In happiness there is sadness, in sadness there is happiness.

In expansion there is contraction, in contraction there is expansion.

In heat there is cold, in cold there is heat.

In love there is hate, in hate there is love.

In judgement there is acceptance, in acceptance there is judgement.

In truth there is deceit, in deceit there is truth.

In sanity there is insanity, in insanity there is sanity.

In good there is bad, in bad there is good.

In light there is darkness, in darkness there is light.

Birth, Death, Birth, Death. Life lies in between.

Yin and Yang.

We must be die to be reborn.

All beginnings have an end and all ends have a beginning.

We must strive to find the beauty and balance in death, as well as in life, they’re intertwined. In fall, we stand in awe of death, as we embrace the beauty of dying leaves. As the leaves lose their life, their greenery, we see beauty. Why not in life? Why do we not see the beauty in the changes of a humans season? Because we are human. Being human comes with the plight of the ego. We have little control over life and death. We are mere spectators in this cataclysmic union of matter and form endowed with consciousness. Ego fears death, it fears the lack of control with ending. Life is a delicate balance between birth and death. Life is the dash in between.

In this career field, we have a front row seat to the beginning of life as well as death. We are mediators of the dash. Our ancestors, respected death. Death was treated with respect and reverence, not fear. For many, death is the beginning, a trip home. We see death and often mourn it or just pass it off as “part of the job.” Death is treated with a sense of disrespect and lack of humility. Death is an ending to a story, a turning of a page. We must have the same joy and respect for the end as we do in the beginning. Celebrate the dash, the in between. Only our perspective deems something happy or sad.

What we feel in death is uncertainty, pain, regret, loss, wishing, anger and questions. We think back on time and things that should have been said or done. The certainty of death should awaken an urgency to live. Live in the present, live in the now. We will all witness and experience death, if you’re lucky, you can experience it twice. Do, say, feel, love, forgive, seek, experience, understand, accept, all things, in the way you wish. Accept life for what it is, a journey between birth and death, it is the true essence of life. It surrounds us. If the death of Christ gave Life, the death of others can give us life.

Much love and light,


So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.”