911 BCP Wellness Wednesday "On Duty Nutrition Hacks."

Good people, what is up 911 BCP Family?

I hope this finds you all well and killing it in life. Life is meant to be tackled with Power, Purpose and Positivity!

I want to talk about on duty eating and dietary habits. From my 15 years on the ambulance, health and mental issues, and a piss poor diet became as common as the sun rising. I had the absolute worse diet known to man when I was on the ambulance full time. It consisted of fast food, caffeine, sugar, more caffeine and fast food, not in that particular order. It is no wonder that I ended up in the cath lab at a whopping 30 years old. How can we mitigate these poor eating habits on duty? Not go to work…. I wish, hello retirement at 35. Low carb for on duty is the best answer.

In a world inundated with fad diets, hacks, and quick fixes, a low carb meal plan while on duty will keep you at maximum efficiency long into your 15th call of the shift. Now, do not mistake that statement to mean that carbs are bad. Our issues in emergency services are the amount and type of carbs we intake during a work hitch. The carbs that are not burned as fuel, get stored as fat for later use. We aren’t near as physical as we think we are at work, especially active enough to burn off all the carbs we digest. Hours of our shifts are performed sitting in a patrol car, behind a desk console, on the rig or bus just chilling, and eating.

There are Good carbs (Complex) and Bad Carbs (Simple). Complex carbs are you long form energy due to the metabolism rate as compared to simple carbs. Your simple carbs give you a quick boost, but they are gone as fast as they come. Leaving you with mood swings, cravings and a whole host of other problems. Complex carbs are where it is at because it will give you true energy for longer. We want a good complex partner who will stay with us for the long run; not a hit it and quit it lot lizard at a local truck stop. With simple carbs like candies, refined breads, sodas, and sugar your blood sugar increases rapidly, insulin kicks in to counter balance, enter in post sugar crash. This type of diet plays havoc on your body and mind.

Good Carbs: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans. (Think outer ring at a grocery store.)

Bad Carbs: Soda’s, baked treats, white bread, white sugar, white flour, packaged cookies, fruit juices, breakfast cereal, and candy.

Now, before you roll your eyes again, this isn’t as hard as it seems. We want to minimize sugar spikes and those post insulin blues, and optimize brain function. Brain fog has gotten us all at one point or another. Believe it or not, we are not supposed to feel as if the Reaper is slowly dragging our souls from our body after we eat. With stress levels being high, poor sleep habits, and a fast paced shift we need to be putting 83 premium fuel into our bodies. Sugar is the devil (In Bobby Bouches mamas voice.) Is causes systemic inflammation throughout the body, stresses the pancreas and causes brain fog. Our digestion is already hindered during a shift due to the sympathetic response, so we need to take it easy with the food. Natural, whole foods that will fuel us properly for a shift and digest easy. We all are severely addicted to simple sugars. Over 50% of society is pre-diabetic, type I or type II diabetic.

My go to breakfast: Red potatoes with minced garlic in a skillet with olive or avocado oil, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach. You can add an egg and avocado for some healthy protein and fats. I spice mine up with hot sauce.

Snacks: Fruit, Almonds, walnuts, cashews, boiled eggs, veggies and hummus.

Lunch: Lean grass fed meat, healthy serving of vegetables, salads.

Dinner: Lean grass fed meat, whole grain rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, salad.

4th meal: Nuts, natural dairy free dark chocolate. Trail mix, natural chemical free beef jerky,

You can tweak this to your taste buds of course. During a shift, if the majority of your calories come from healthy fats, and proteins you will feel more energized, think clearer, and be more level headed. I tell all of my clients to hug the ring of the grocery store. If we are more mindful of our food choices on duty, this will spill over into our private lives.

If you would like more information or are struggling with eating habits reach out to us today for a free 30 min consultation. We can guide you through the complex maze that is diet and nutrition.

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Some meal ideas: