911 Buddy Check Project Wellness Wednesday. "Self Care."

Have you ever thought about the fact that we sacrifice our minds, bodies and spirits for total strangers? We will crawl into a police cruiser, fire apparatus, ambulance or helicopter and go speeding at a hundred miles an hour to save someone we do not know. We take away from ourselves to give to others. We sacrifice so that others may live. It is the Nobelist of pursuits to be in service of others, to our communities and our families. The life of service and sacrifice comes with a price, one that many pay with their lives.

One of the areas we fail in is the self care arena. We go beyond our limits and try to pour from an empty vessel. Like a bank account, we swipe that proverbial debit card without depositing funds in; yet we get mad when the account over draws. We are almost arrogant in the fact that we push ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and ask why when we are off balance. The majority of the issues we face with physical and mental/emotional health has a root cause, lack of self care is that cause. The good news is, every problem has a solution. Instead of masking the symptoms, it is time to attack the cause.

You have to take time for yourself, as well as let your mind, body and spirit recover and rejuvenate. Let the batteries recharge on a regular basis. You wouldn’t let your cell phone die, so quit letting your batteries die. You need to be conscious enough to be mindful of the signs and symptoms of being burned out or in need of self care. When the proverbial check engine light on the body comes on, figure out why and wage war! Stop the egoic cycle of abuse, you will thank me later on in life. Make you your number one priority.

1: Sleep Sleep Sleep!! Sleep is your super power. Go a few blogs back and check out our blog on sleep. Stop wearing sleep deprivation like a ridiculous badge of honor. You’re literally shortening your life span, it’s dumb.

2: Go with your gut: Eating the right foods and taking care of our gut is one of the most important things we can do. Our gut is know known as the second brain. 80% of our immune system derives from the gut, as well as serotonin and all those feel good chemicals. What you eat you become, so eat right!

3: Exercise: Survey says, exercise will make you feel better. It releases all those feel good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. Also has shown to significantly lower depression by over 70%.

4: Say no to things, people and over time. If something or someone doesn’t add value to your life you gotta get it out, including your job. Take time to refill the tank, not just stare at the fuel gauge with a dumb look on your face. Say yes to the things that will have good compounding interest in your life.

5: Get outside: You need sunlight, sun light give you vitamin d, vitamin d makes you feel better. Refer to our last blog on the affects of Vit D! Suns Out, Guns Out! Taking a walk throught the forest lowers depression symptoms, so go get you Daniel Boone on.

6: Spoil yourself: Go get a massage or a pedicure. Do something to relax and pamper yourself. My father in law is gigantic beast of a human being and he gets a pedicure weekly. Like, coal miner huge and his butt gets in that chair and relaxes. Massages are a great way to relieve tension and stress. Get that lactate acid out of those muscles and get you feeling euphoric.

7: Cut out excess fat: Excess fat in our personal lives causes tension. If you’re working yourself to death to pay bills, cut out all unnecessary bills. Food, water, power and mortgage are the only necessary bills, everything else is frivolous. Do a deep audit of your finances. Definition of insanity…..

8: Take a trip: Get out and see something different. Go to your happy place,life is to short not to travel. Travel is a great way to de-stress and recover from the rat race.

9: Read a book: Some times just reading a book in your off time is a great way to escape. Reading is a phenomenal way to time travel.

10: Have a spiritual practice: I am not saying you have to become a nun or a priest, but every man and woman needs a daily spiritual practice. It is like a compass that brings you home, like a true north. When the stress of life comes down on you, your spiritual practice is a life line.

11: Daily routine: Have a daily routine to where you are starting your day in the green. Get up, hydrate, move your body a little bit (stretch), get some sunlight, spiritual practice, etc. Personally, i get up, turn on youtube and listen to some Tony Robbins motivation. I drink a couple glasses of water, drink my morning elixir, work out, yoga, then finish with a cold shower. I feel a lot better when I follow my routine. Then I wage war on the day. Work on Buddy check stuff, talk with clients, etc.

12: Do what makes you happy. The best self care tip I can give you is to do something that brings you joy. My favorite quote says, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Truer words have never been spoken. Break the cycle of desperation and take charge of your life.

Mind, Body and Spirit, these are the core foundations to lead a long and fulfilled life. Tackle the 4 Mountain, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional.

If you need further guidance on self car tips, reach out 911buddycheck@gmail.com or hit us up on social!