Founder/ President

Founder/ President

daniel m. mills nr-p fp-c

Daniel Mills is the founder and president of the 911 Buddy Check Project. Daniel is married to his wife and best friend Kayla, and they have two children. He is a 17 year veteran of emergency services field. He currently is a full time flight paramedic for Air Evac Life Team in Carrollton, Georgia. Daniel has worked in critical care for over 10 years now; as well as  inner city fire/ EMS, and trauma/ neuro research. Daniel is also an OEF veteran of the US Navy where he served as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with the United States Marine Corp for 8 years. He is an experienced ems, and mental health educator, Daniel has also taught for over 2 years for the Special Operations medical community. He has spoke at police, fire and EMS conferences all over the United States. Daniel is a CISD debriefer, Peer support/ substance abuse coach,  ACE certified personal trainer, health coach, Transformational Nutrition Coach and yoga/ meditation instructor.

Daniel has conquered many issues with mental health, addiction and health issues during his time in emergency services. He is well versed with PTS, anxiety and depression after fighting his own inner demons for over a decade. Daniel has been clean and sober for 3 years, after battling addiction to alcohol and prescription medications for over 15 years. Getting sober was one of the hardest, yet rewarding things he has done.

His hobbies include long distance running, hiking, camping, triathlons and hanging with his family.  

Vice President/ Co-Founder/ Peer Support Specialist

Vice President/ Co-Founder/ Peer Support Specialist

Shane "Tridget" and deb hobson NR-P

Shane Hobson is the Vice President and Co-founder of the 911 Buddy Check Project. He has been instrumental in the launching and success of the 911 Buddy Check Project. Shane is married to Deborah Hobson, who is also a member of the 911 Buddy Check Project Team. They both have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Shane is a 28 year veteran of the emergency services  field. He currently is Shift Lead Telecommunicator at Blount County 911 in Oneonta, Alabama. He is also a Paramedic serving in the fire/ema field part time. Shane currently serves on the Nena Telecommunicator Caucus Leadership Team. He is also the Assistant Fire Chief at Rosa Volunteer Fire Department in his community.

Shane spends his spare time taking care of their family hobby farm of goats,chickens and pig.

Deborah Hobson is a member of the peer support team at 911 Buddy check project. Deb is married to Shane Hobson who is also a member.  They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  Deb became a volunteer firefighter in 1995. She worked her way from EMT-basic to Paramedic and worked in the field for a little over 11 years when a ambulance wreck ended her career and forced her into retirement in 2016.  

She is also a cancer survivor times two.  Lung cancer and then stage 4 bone cancer.   At present time she is cancer free. At present time she supports her local volunteer fire department in her role as secretary and treasure.  

Most days you can find her with her family and farm animals or training her therapy puppy Milo.